Friday, March 20, 2009


From the website:

CarSharing lets you choose to pay the costs of driving ONLY when you want to drive.
CarSharing allows you to choose between alternative modes first, and driving second.
CarSharing saves you money by helping you make this fundamental change in the economics of your car usage.

It’s a pay as you drive system that makes sense and saves cents!

Is CarSharing for Me?

eGo CarShare could be a great match for you if ANY of the following apply to you:
You don’t own a car, but occasionally have the need for one.
You do own a car, but occasionally your household needs another one.
Any of the vehicles your household owns are driven less than 10,000 miles per year.
You need a pick-up truck every now and then. (Did someone say, "Craigslist?")
You would like to have more room in your garage to store your bikes and skis.
You like to bike and walk as much as possible.
You’re committed to reducing your environmental footprint.
You like clean air.
You like clean water.
You like safe streets.
You’re looking for ways to significantly reduce your household expenditures.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Southglenn sustainability

New Southglenn Sustainability!

General carpet
· Carpet tile significantly reduces waste compared to roll goods during installation
· 38% post industrial recycled content
· Low-emitting materials
· 100% cradle to cradle

Work room Carpet
· Carpet tile significantly reduces waste compared to roll goods during installation
· Uses product that would have been recycled or disposed of

Use of wood wall covering VS. Wall paneling
· Made with the highest-grade wood veneer. Arbor Series is a favorite among environmentally-conscious consumers. Efficient veneer slicing processes provide exceptional yields compared to other wood options, reducing the amount of hardwood required for an interior. Several trees are harvested from plantations which are carefully managed to ensure the forest's health.

Ceiling system
· Most of the ceiling is open, saving construction material
· Ceiling tile can be 100% recycled
· Ceiling tile is made up of 35% Pre-consumer recycled content and 4% Post-consumer recycled content

Layout has been designed to preserve the outside view from the majority of the Library

We are reusing existing furniture in the staff area

Lighting and HVAC systems have been designed for maximum efficiency and ease of change.
· Motion sensor light control
· Light harvesting at north wall

On site waste will be recycled.

Long term lease.

Low flow water fixtures